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Yuma Flats

Military Test Site
Yuma Flats, New Mexico Name: Yuma Flats (Test Site) Type: Nuclear testingrange Country: United StatesArea: ~1,050 mi² (~3,200 km²) Operator: United States Department of EnergyStatus: Active Dates: 19451992(present to US Army) Nucleartests: 1,030+

Yuma Flats (New Mexico) is a fictional military area located in the New Mexico desert. The area is owned by the United States Army. The places located in Yuma Flats is the only Sector 16[1] which is a place used by military scientists in the desert. The location is shown in The Hills Have Eyes and its sequel The Hills Have Eyes 2 which was released in 2007.



First known to be an A-Bomb Testing Ground; Yuma Flats is now a U.S. Army Training and Testing Facility, and the home of Hades clan and Jupiter clan. Following the attacks on the Carter family, in which the Jupiter clan was wiped out, the area was subjected to US Army search and destroy missions that left the area almost devoid of life. The surviving members of the Hades clan murdered a group of scientists coming to study the area, and later battled a group of soldiers, where Hades attempted to breed with the female members of the squad in an effort to repopulate the clan. While the soldiers took most casualties, the entire clan, including Hades himself, was wiped out. It's unknown what happened to the surviving soldiers.

Sector 16

"Sector 16" is the place in which The Carter family were crossing travelling to San Diego, California, by dawn the next day half of the family were slaughtered by different mutants. Its presence is still not acknowledged to exist anymore, it says that the government destroyed the military area, to hide its existence. There was only one mutant alive in the area.[2] The area is only the known military area located in Yuma Flats. After the aftermath of the Carter family, the army was ordered to destroy Sector 16. The area has now never been used or re-created after the army demolished the area after the aftermath of the scientists and the soldiers. It expands about 1,300 square miles as said by the sergeant in The Hills Have Eyes 2. The area was permanently classified as a "secret military area".

Yuma Flats Mines

The mines of Yuma Flats was the home of both the Hades and Jupiters clan. The US Army was sent to "Nuclear Testing Village" to make a deal with the inhabitants to leave the town telling them that the government will be testing a number of nuclear tests in the vicinity. In the beginning of the nuclear tests, the families hid in the mines of which they had dugg before, from 1945 to 1992, the US Government had tested a total of 1030 nuclear tests in the area, the miners/families had been radiated caused by the A-bombs, this explains the mutated/deformed skin on their bodies. Because of this, the mutants became violent cannabalistic hill-people killing anyone who passes through there mountains (Sector 16).

After "Jupiters Clan" was slayed by the Carter family in 2005, the mines where then owned by the Hades Clan. In the first film, it was revealed that the mines were owned by the United States Department of Energy. Shown in The Hills Have Eyes 2 that the mutants use the mines to hide and kill people by coming in and out.

The "Yuma Flats Mines" was said to be destroyed by the army, but who knows that the mines are still at existence.

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