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This article is about the current form of the service. For the predecessor to this website (before 2005), see TV Tome. URL Yes Type of site Entertainment Registration Optional Owner CNET Networks, Inc.Created by CNET Networks, Inc.Launched June 1, 2005Current status Active is a website owned by CNET Networks. The service replaced the popular TV Tome website.

The site covers television and focuses on English-language shows made or broadcast in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Ireland. In addition to episode guides, it includes US-oriented news, reviews, photos, trailers and TV listings.

The site is a part of the CNET Networks Entertainment family of websites and shares an account system with the other sites in the brand (i.e. GameFAQs, GameSpot,, and MovieTome). Users maintain a personal profile page and the ability to track shows. Members can contribute to the site by adding information about the latest episode details and cast members. provides show descriptions, cast and crew listings, and detailed episode guides for many TV shows. Episode guides may include synopsis information, a complete recap, notes and trivia, quotes and more. Information is dependent on volunteer contributions so some shows, particularly more recent ones, are extremely detailed while others may have minimal information.

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