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Tom T. Hall

Tom T. Hall
Background information Birth name Thomas Hall Born May 25, 1936(1936-05-25) (age 72) Origin Olive Hill, Kentucky, U.S.Genre(s)Bluegrass, Country, Outlaw CountryOccupation(s) Singer, SongwriterInstrument(s)Vocals, GuitarYears active 1963– Present Label(s)Mercury, RCA, Columbia
Blue CircleAssociated acts Dave Dudley, Patti Page, Johnny Wright, Roger Miller, Johnny Cash

Tom T. Hall (born May 25, 1936 in Olive Hill, Kentucky) is an American country balladeer, songwriter, and country singer. He has written 11 #1 Hits, with 26 more that hit the Top 10.

As a teenager, Hall put together a band called the Kentucky Travelers that performed before movies for a traveling theater. During a stint in the Army, Hall performed over the Armed Forces Radio Network and wrote comic songs about Army experiences. His early career included being a radio announcer at WRON, a local radio station in Ronceverte, West Virginia. Hall was also a DJ at WVRC Radio in Spencer WV in the 1960s

Hall's big songwriting break came in 1963, when country singer Jimmy C. Newman recorded his song, "DJ For a Day." Soon, Hall moved to Nashville, and within months, he had songs climbing the charts. Hall has been nicknamed "The Story Teller", and he has written songs for dozens of country stars, including Johnny Cash, George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Waylon Jennings, and Alan Jackson.

One of his earliest successful songwriting ventures, "Harper Valley PTA", was recorded in 1968 by Jeannie C. Riley, sold over six million copies, and won both a Grammy Award and CMA award. The song would go on to inspire a motion picture and television program of the same name. Hall himself has recorded this song, on his album "The Definitive Collection" (as track #23). Hall's recording career took off after Ms. Riley's rendition of the song, and he had such hits as "A Week in the Country Jail", "Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine", "I Love", "Country Is", "The Year Clayton Delaney Died", "I Like Beer", "Faster Horses (The Cowboy and the Poet)", and many others. He is also noted for his children-oriented songs, including "Sneaky Snake" and "I Care", the latter of which hit #1 on the country charts in 1975.

He also hosted the syndicated country music TV show "Pop! Goes the Country" in 1980.

On July 3rd, 2007, he released the CD "Tom T. Hall Sings Miss Dixie & Tom T." on his independent bluegrass label Blue Circle Records.

On February 12th, 2008, Hall was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame



Hit Singles Not Written by Tom T. Hall But Recorded by Him

"P.S. I Love You" (#8, 1984) Johnny Mercer wrote the lyrics and Gordon Jenkins the music in 1934.[citation needed] It was originally a hit for Rudy Vallee.[citation needed] but the best-known version is by the Hilltoppers (#4, 1953).

  • "Fox On The Run" written by Tony Hazzard (#9, 1976)
  • "It's All in the Game" (#12, 1977)
  • "Love Letters in the Sand" (#79, 1986)

Hit Singles Written and Recorded by Tom T. Hall

  • "I Washed My Face in the Morning Dew" (#30, 1967)
  • "Ain't Got The Time" (#68, 1968)
  • "The World The Way I Want It" (#66, 1968)
  • "Ballad of Forty Dollars" (#4, 1969)
  • "Homecoming" (#5, 1969)
  • "Strawberry Farms" (#40, 1969)
  • "Day Drinkin'" (#23, 1970)
  • "Salute to a Switchblade" (#8, 1970)
  • "Shoeshine Man" (#8, 1970)
  • "A Week in a Country Jail" (#1, 1970)
  • "Ode to Half a Pound of Ground Round" (#21, 1971)
  • "One Hundred Children" (#14, 1971)
  • "The Year That Clayton Delaney Died" (#1, 1971) (also reached #42 on the Pop Singles Chart)
  • "Me and Jesus" (#8, 1972) (also reached #92 on the Pop Chart)
  • "More About John Henry" (#26, 1972)
  • "The Monkey That Became President" (#11, 1972)
  • "Old Dogs, Children, And Watermelon Wine" (#1, 1973)
  • "Ravishing Ruby" (#3, 1973)
  • "Spokane Motel Blues" (#16, 1973)
  • "Watergate Blues" (#16, 1973)
  • "Country Is" (#1, 1974)
  • "I Love" (#1, 1974) (also reached #2 on the Adult Contemporary Chart and #12 on the Pop Singles Chart)
  • "That Song Is Driving Me Crazy" (#2, 1974) (also reached #63 on the Pop Singles Chart)
  • "Sneaky Snake" (#69, 1974) (reached #55 on the Pop Singles Chart the following year)
  • "Deal" (#8, 1975)
  • "I Care" (#1, 1975)
  • "I Like Beer" (#4, 1975)
  • "Faster Horses (The Cowboy And The Poet)" (#1, 1976)
  • "Negatory Romance" (#24, 1976)
  • "It's All in the Game" (#12, 1977)
  • "Your Man Loves You, Honey" (#4, 1977)
  • "What Have You Got to Lose" (#9, 1978)
  • "Son of Clayton Delaney" (#14, 1979)
  • "You Show Me Your Heart (And I'll Show You Mine)" (#11, 1979)
  • "Back When Gas Was Thirty Cents a Gallon" (#36, 1980)
  • "Jesus On the Radio (Daddy On the Phone)" (#9, 1980)
  • "Solder Of Fortune" (#51, 1980)
  • "The Old Side of Town" (#9, 1980)
  • "Everything From Jesus To Jack Daniels (#42, 1983)
  • "A Bar with No Beer" (#40, 1985)
  • "Down At The Mall" (#65, 1986)

Hit Singles Written by Tom T. Hall But Performed by Other Artists

  • "Mad" performed by Dave Dudley (#6, 1964)
  • "Hello Vietnam" performed by Johnnie Wright (1965)
  • "Artificial Rose" performed by Jimmy C. Newman (#8, 1965)
  • "Back In Circulation" performed by Jimmy C. Newman (#13, 1965)
  • "City of the Angels" performed by Jimmy C. Newman (#37, 1965)
  • "What We're Fighting For" performed by Dave Dudley (#4, 1966)
  • "Back Pocket Money" performed by Jimmy C. Newman (#10, 1966)
  • "California Uptight Band" performed by Flatt & Scruggs (#20, 1967)
  • "Dropping Out of Sight" performed by Jimmy C. Newman (#32, 1967)
  • "Louisiana Saturday Night" performed by Jimmy C. Newman (#24, 1967)
  • "Town That Broke My Heart" performed by Bobby Bare (#16, 1968)
  • "Anything Leaving Town Today" performed by Dave Dudley (#12, 1968)
  • "There Ain't No Easy Run" performed by Dave Dudley (#10, 1968)
  • "Harper Valley PTA" performed by Jeannie C. Riley (#1, 1968) (also reached #1 on the Pop Singles Chart and #4 on the Adult Contemporary Chart)
  • "Greenwich Village Folk Song Salesman" performed by Jim & Jesse (#49, 1968)
  • "(Margie's At) The Lincoln Park Inn" performed by Bobby Bare (#4, 1969)
  • "George (And the Northwoods)" performed by Dave Dudley (#10, 1969)
  • "One More Mile" performed by Dave Dudley (#12, 1969)
  • "Boo Dan" performed by Jimmy C. Newman (#31, 1969)
  • "That's How I Got To Memphis" performed by Bobby Bare (#3, 1970)
  • "Pool Shark" performed by Dave Dudley (#1, 1970)
  • "If I Ever Fall in Love (With a Honky Tonk Girl)" performed by Faron Young (#4, 1970)
  • "You Always Come Back (To Hurting Me)" performed by Johnny Rodriguez (#1, 1973) (also #86 on the Pop Singles Chart)
  • "I Can Still Hear the Music in the Restroom" performed by Jerry Lee Lewis (#13, 1975)
  • "I'm Not Ready Yet" performed by George Jones (#2, 1980)
  • "Dropping Out Of Sight" performed by Bobby Bare (#35, 1981)
  • "Little Bitty" performed by Alan Jackson (#1, 1996)
  • "That's How I Got To Memphis" performed by Kelly Willis (1996)
  • "That's How I Got To Memphis" performed by Deryl Dodd (#36, 1996)
  • "That's How I Got To Memphis" performed by Solomon Burke (2006)

Books written by Tom T. Hall

  • HOW I WRITE SONGS, WHY YOU CAN copyright 1976; published by Chappell Music Co.
  • THE STORYTELLER'S NASHVILLE copyright 1979; published by Doubleday & Co.
  • THE LAUGHING MAN OF WOODMONT COVES copyright 1982; published by Doubleday & Co.
  • THE ACTS OF LIFEcopyright 1986; published by The University Of Arkansas Press
  • HOMEWORDScopyright 1986; published by The University of Tennessee Press/ Knoxville
  • THE SONGWRITER'S HANDBOOKcopyright 1976, 1987; published by Rutledge Hill Press
  • CHRISTMAS AND THE OLD HOUSEcopyright 1989; published by Peachtree Publishers, Ltd.
  • SPRING HILL, TENNESSEEcopyright 1990; published by Longstreet Press, Inc.
  • WHAT A BOOK!copyright 1996; published by Longstreet Press, Inc.


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