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Sex Party (British Columbia)

Sex Party Active Provincial Party Founded 2005 Leader John IncePresident None Headquarters 1204A – 2050 Nelson St.
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6G 1N6 Political ideology Sex-positive, LibertarianismInternational alignment None Colours PinkWebsite

The Sex Party is a political party based in British Columbia, Canada, that contests provincial elections to promote libertarian and sex-positive attitudes towards sexual education, indecency laws and prostitution.[1][2] It describes itself as "the world's first registered political party dedicated exclusively to sex-positive issues."

The Sex Party was founded in 2005. Its leader is John Ince, a lawyer, longtime sexual politics activist, and co-owner of "The Art of Loving", a store that sells sex-related products.


2005 provincial election campaign

During the 2005 provincial election campaign, the party staged a fundraising event that included sexually explicit performance art produced by artist Marcus Bowcott. The BC Liquor Control and Licensing Branch refused to allow the event in any premises licensed to sell liquor, citing regulations regarding exotic dancers and prohibiting "live, realistic or simulated sex acts," as well as performers touching each other or touching the audience.

The Party responded with a lawsuit alleging a violation of its constitutional rights, arguing that the art exhibits were adult-oriented presentations and were legal as long as they were announced as such. The art was chosen to express political themes and should therefore be seen as political discourse.

The party nominated three candidates in the May 17, 2005 provincial election, none of whom were elected:

  • Yvonne Tink, the vice president of the party, a sex educator, and organizer of alternative sexuality events through her company "BIO Event Production", won 73 votes (0.37% of the total) in Vancouver-Kingsway[3].
  • Patrick Clark, a man with cerebral palsy who wanted to make changes to help people with disabilities to have healthy sex lives, won 121 votes (0.43% of the total) in Vancouver-Fairview[4].
  • John Ince won 111 votes (0.39% of the total) in Vancouver-Burrard[5].

2006 federal election campaign

Although it did not nominate candidates in the 2006 federal election, it attempted to lobby voters on sex-related issues by distributing a pamphlet. When Canada Post refused to deliver the Party's pamphlet, the Party sued again.[6]

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