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qubo (kyoo-bo, originally called Smart Place for Kids until August 23, 2006[1]) is the name of the children's programming endeavor involving three broadcast networks, a new digital television network, and numerous children's entertainment producers.



On May 8, 2006, ION Media Networks, NBC Universal, Corus Entertainment's Nelvana unit, Scholastic Books, and Classic Media and its Big Idea Productions unit announced plans to launch a new children's entertainment endeavor spread across all media platforms, including video-on-demand on digital cable and an interactive webpage.

The primary goal for qubo will be to "champion literacy and values in the children's television category."[2] The endeavor will utilize ION's digital broadcast outlets, the educational, literary, and creative assets of Scholastic, and the combined content libraries and production facilities of Nelvana, Classic Media, Big Idea, and NBC Universal, which will also dedicate their weekend morning lineups to qubo. More than 1,000 half-hours of children's programming, including a new, original series from each of the partners per year, will air throughout the year.

Qubo debuted on NBC and Telemundo on Saturday, September 9, 2006. This was followed by NBC's qubo block repeating on ION Television, which began on Friday, September 15, 2006.

All programming on qubo meets the FCC's "E/I" requirements using the same E/I bug used for PBS's programming (although they are not affiliated with PBS in any way). None of the partners has publicly explained why the name "qubo" was chosen, or why its logo is a cube, although according to an interview with general manager Rick Rodriguez, he stated that the name was supposed to be something which sounded fun, and something which could easily be used in English and Spanish. [3]

Stand-alone digital network

A 24-hour broadcast digital television network, carried via the -DT2 digital subchannel of ION's affiliates, began broadcasting on January 8, 2007.[4] qubo’s digital channel initially launched with a rolling four-hour block of children’s programming. Almost all of the programming also comes with an alternate Spanish language soundtrack via the SAP channel, and Spanish closed captioning via CC3.

On December 3, 2007, qubo expanded its offerings on the digital channel to include shows from other producers, as well as some programming currently seen on the main qubo block on NBC. In addition, the block was expanded to a 6-hour block, seen four times each day.[5]

In January 2008, ION Media Networks and Comcast reached an agreement to continue carrying ION's bouquet of digital channels -- ION Television, qubo and ION Life.[6][7]

Scheduling concerns

Not all shows are seen on all stations. During the NBC block, the programming might be delayed or pre-empted because of local affiliates schedules, or delayed by the network to show sporting events such as Wimbledon, The French Open, and the U.S. (Golf) Open. As with all Saturday morning programming it is advisable to check local listings for showtimes.


Originally, the VeggieTales broadcasts initially did not feature the religious content that appears on the videos before and after the main feature, since the block is designed to educate all viewers. This has drawn criticism for the block and NBC in particular from the conservative watchdog group Parents Television Council, as well as VeggieTales co-creator Phil Vischer, who claims that he was unaware of the intent to edit out religious content when the one program were acquired for qubo.[8].

qubo programming

Programs seen in the qubo block

These programs are also seen on the digital channel.

Programs seen on qubo digital

Most of the programing on qubo digital are re-runs of older programming from another network or programs originally from the qubo block on NBC.

  • 1- Reruns from another network
  • 2- originally part of the qubo block on NBC

Former programming


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