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Oblique fissure

Oblique fissure #1 - Anterior border of lung
#2 - Oblique fissure
#3 - Cardiac notch
#4 - Lingula of left lungMediastinal surface of left lung. Latinfissura obliqua pulmonis Gray'ssubject #240 1096Dorlands/Elsevierf_08/12365595

In the lung, the oblique fissure (or major fissure) separates the inferior lobe of either lung from the remainder of the lung. (In the right lung, it separates it from the middle and superior lobe; in the left lung it separates it from the superior lobe, as there is no middle lobe in the left lung.)

The oblique fissure extends from the spinous process of T2 (posteriorly) to 6th costal cartilage (anteriorly)

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Anatomy of lungs.

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