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Mortier 120mm Rayé Tracté Modèle F1

Mortier 120mm Rayé Tracté Modèle F1
MO-120-RT-61 mortar Type heavy mortarPlace of origin FranceService history In service French ArmyUsed by French Army, Germany, Italian Army, Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil, Turkey, USAWars Gulf WarSpecifications Weight 582kg Barrel length 280cm Crew 4 gunners, 2 vehicle crew ShellStandard 120mm NATO mortar round Calibre120mm Elevation30-85° Traverse +/-14° from centreline. Rate of fire6 to 10 rounds per minute Effective range 8,000m with standard projectile
13,000m with rocket projectile

The Mortier 120mm Rayé Tracté Modèle F1 (MO-120-RT-61, "120mm rifled towed mortar, model F1") is a heavy mortar used by the French Army.

The MO-120-RT-61 was designed by Thomson-Brandt. It is currently used by the French Army, and produced under licence by Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil, Turkey and the USA. It exists in smooth-bore version for the mountain artillery. The MO-120-RT-61 is affected to artillery units, where it augments the 155mm towed artillery. It is towed by the Véhicule de l'Avant Blindé or the AMX-10P.

The MO-120-RT-61 uses standard NATO 120mm mortar ammunition. They can be fired either directly when dropping the bomb in the muzzle, or by a trigger system.

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