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KUTV Salt Lake City, UtahBranding2 News (news branding)
2 (general branding) SloganUtah's Source for Breaking News, Weather and Sports ChannelsAnalog: 2 (VHF)

Digital: 34 (UHF)

AffiliationsCBSOwnerFour Points Media Group, LLC
(Salt Lake City Television Licensee Corporation) First air date September 1954[1]Call letters’ meaningUtah TeleVision Sister station(s)KUSGFormer affiliationsABC(1954-1960)
NBC(1960-1995) Transmitter Power45.7 kW(analog)
423 kW (digital) Height933 m (analog)
1267 m (digital) Facility ID35823 Transmitter Coordinates 40°36′22.5″N, 112°9′49.1″W(analog)
40°39′33″N, 112°12′10″W(digital)
For the Communist International university known as KUTV, see Communist University of the Toilers of the East.

KUTV is the CBS-affiliated television station serving the greater Salt Lake City, Utah metro area. The station broadcasts on VHF channel 2 from Farnsworth Peak in the Oquirrh Mountains as well as a variety of translators throughout Utah, Nevada and Wyoming. It is a sister station to KUSG channel 12, which serves the St. George area as an RTN affiliate; until 2008, it was operated as a satellite of KUTV.

It originally signed on in 1954 as Utah's ABC affiliate, trading affiliations with KCPX-TV (now KTVX) in 1960 and becoming an NBC station.

In 1993, NBC bought KUTV. However, in September 1995, KUTV became a CBS affiliate as part of a complex deal resulting from Westinghouse Broadcasting (Group W)'s affiliation deal with CBS. CBS traded its longtime O&O in Philadelphia, WCAU-TV, to NBC in exchange for KCNC-TV in Denver, with KUTV added to the deal as compensation. CBS then sold controlling interest in KUTV to Group W. NBC initially wanted to return to KTVX, but ultimately signed with KSL-TV.

When Group W's owner, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, merged with CBS in 1996, KUTV became a CBS O&O. It is one of the few stations in the country to have been affiliated with all three original television networks.

At the time, KUTV retained one NBC program: Saturday Night Live, which remained in its Saturday 10:30pm time slot until about five months later.

In 2003, the station moved from a facility in West Valley City to a street-side studio at 299 Main Street in Downtown Salt Lake's Wells Fargo Building. The move was financed in part by the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency—in the form of $1.2-million in interest free loans. KUTV's newscasts overlook the street, and many segments take advantage of outdoor camera positions. Nearby Gallivan Plaza is also featured in some KUTV programming.

Under CBS ownership, KUTV was one of five CBS-O&O stations that do not follow the CBS Mandate, given the fact it is called 2News as opposed to CBS2 (this branding used on sisters WCBS, WBBM and KCBS. The other five are WCCO in Minneapolis-St. Paul - branded as WCCO 4, KDKA in Pittsburgh - branded as simply KDKA-TV or KDKA-TV 2 (there is a CBS2 logo but residents of Pittsburgh would be upset had this been used "over-the-air"), WJZ in Baltimore - branded as WJZ 13, WBZ in Boston, branded as simply WBZ, and WWJ-TV in Detroit, branded simply as WWJTV.

On February 7, 2007, CBS Corporation reached an agreement to sell seven of its smaller-market stations, including KUTV and KUSG, to Cerberus Capital Management, L.P., for $185 million. Cerberus then formed a new holding company for the stations, Four Points Media Group, who took over the operation of the stations through local marketing agreements in late-June of 2007. Subsequently, the site was moved to with an interface somewhat similar to the former CBS version. The sale was finally approved by the FCC in mid-November of 2007, and ownership was officially transferred on January 10, 2008.

As of November 26, 2007, KUTV started hosting master control operations for its Providence (RI) sister station, The CW affiliate WLWC, which was also acquired by the Four Points Media Group. On February 25, 2008, KUTV added three new stations from West Palm Beach, Florida to this operation, officially becoming the hub network for Four Points. The stations are The CW affiliate WTVX, the MyNetworkTV affiliate WTCN, and Azteca América affiliate WWHB.

KUTV airs The Early Show's second hour every weekday morning at 8 a.m., but not airing the first hour due to the third hour of its local morning newscast.

On April 19, 2008, during their 5:30 newscast, KUTV became the second station in Salt Lake City behind KSL to broadcast in high definition.

On May 9, 2008 launched KUTV Greener Living a web site focused green businesses and products in Utah; the site also delivers localized environmental and political news.


Current Personalities

  • Mark Koelbel (Anchor - Weeknights @ 5, 6, & 10pm)
  • Shauna Lake (Anchor - Weeknights @ 5pm, 9pm on KJZZ, & 10 pm)
  • Bill Gephardt (Consumer Reporter - Weeknights @ 10pm)
  • Cristina Flores (Anchor - Weekdays @ 4, 4:30pm on KJZZ; Reporter)
  • Fields Moseley (Anchor - Weekdays @ 4, 4:30pm on KJZZ; Reporter)
  • Ron Bird (Anchor - Mornings 5-7:15am, Noon)
  • Mary Nickles (Anchor - Mornings 5-7:15am, Noon)
  • Mike Headrick (Anchor - Mornings 5-7:15am, Noon; Reporter)
  • Brian Mullahy (Anchor - Weekends @ 5 & 10pm; Reporter)
  • Katie Baker (Anchor - Weekends @ 5 & 10pm; Reporter)
  • Issa Arnita (Anchor - Weekends @ 7am; Reporter)
  • Jennifer Stagg (Reporter)
  • Ty Perry (Reporter)
  • Rod Decker (Reporter)
  • Kathryn May (Reporter)
  • Dan Rascon (Reporter)
  • Peter Rosen (Reporter)
  • Adam Eakle (Reporter)
  • Roland Steadham (Meteorologist - Weekday Afternoons & Evenings)
  • Sterling Poulson (Meteorologist - Weekend Evenings)
  • Debbie Worthen (Meteorologist - Weekday Mornings & Noon)
  • Lindsay Storrs (Meteorologist - Weekends Mornings)
  • Dave Fox (Sports - Weekday Afternoons & Evenings; Talkin' Sports Sunday Co-host)
  • David James (Sports - Weekend Afternoons & Evenings; Talkin' Sports Host)
  • Dan Sheldon (Sports - Weekend Mornings; Talkin' Sports Sunday Co-host)
  • Reece Stein (Sports)

Past Personalities

  • Michelle King (Anchor; now retired after 29 years at KUTV)
  • John Goulet (Meteorologist; Now on KTNV in Las Vegas)
  • Patrick Greenlaw (Anchor)
  • Shelby Croft (Anchor; now with WISN-TV)
  • Doug Miller ('Outdoors' Host; now deceased)
  • Allie Mac Kay (Reporter)
  • Christianne Klein (Anchor & Reporter; now with ABC News in NYC)
  • Kelly Chapman (Reporter; moved to Sacramento KMAX-TV with her meteorologist husband, Jeff James KOVR)
  • Lea Ann Lobb (Anchor; Now homemaker)
  • Phil Riesen (Anchor; now Utah State Congressman)
  • John Stehr (Anchor 1982-1989; left for CNBC and CBS News; now primary anchor with WTHR, Indianapolis)
  • Terry Wood (Anchor; now with KTVX)
  • Bob Evans (Anchor; now with KSTU)
  • Ruth Todd (News Brief Anchor; Fill-In Anchor; Reporter; now semi-retired)
  • Mark Eubank (Meteorologist; now retired)
  • Kevin Eubank (Meteorologist; now with KSL-TV)
  • Susan Wood (formerly Susan Furniss; Anchor; now with KTVX)
  • Doug Jardine (Anchor; now with 'Profiles in Caring')
  • Janeen Golightly (Traffic Reporter; now appearing in freelance projects in the Salt Lake area)
  • Marcos Ortiz (Reporter; now with KTVX)
  • Larry Warren (Reporter; now with KTVX)
  • Fred Wix ('The Gabby Gourmet'; now retired)
  • Bill Marcroft (Sports; now retired)
  • Chris Dunn (Meteorologist; now with KDVR)
  • Rebecca Kolls (formerly Rebecca Reheis; Meteorologist; now with HGTV and ABC's 'Good Morning America')
  • Bill Boss (Meteorologist; now with Weather Central, Inc.)
  • Tim Ross (Meteorologist; now with WSMV)
  • Craig Jenkins (Meteorologist; now fills in on KSTU)
  • Jerry Brown (Meteorologist; whereabouts unknown)
  • Steve Root (Meteorologist; now CEO of WeatherBank, Inc.)
  • Rod Arquette (Reporter; now an executive at KSL)
  • Kathy Brock - (Anchor/Reporter 1984-1990, now with WLS-TV)
  • Alexis Fernandez (Anchor; whereabouts unknown)
  • Randall Carlisle (Anchor; now with KTVX)
  • Sloane Brown (Anchor; now society/party columnist for The Baltimore Sun)
  • Matt Duhamel (Meteorologist; AKA Matt McCoy; soon to serve five-year prison sentence for child pornography conviction)
  • Keith Radford (anchor, now with WKBW-TV)

News/Station Presentation

Newscast Titles

  • KUTV News (Early 1960s-1977 and 1984-1994)
  • NewsWatch 2 (1977-1984)
  • KUTV 2 News (1994-1997)
  • 2 News (1997-present)


KUTV extends its coverage throughout the entire state of Utah, plus parts of Arizona, Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming, using a network of more than 100 community-owned translator television stations listed below.

City Callsign City Callsign City Callsign Alton, UtahK11OCGreen River, UtahK09CXOljeto, Utah K02PVAntimony, UtahK04FGHanksville, UtahK11LJOrangeville, UtahK28GZAurora, Utah, etc. K53CFHanna, Utah, etc. K09MQOrderville, UtahK02ENBeaver, Utah, etc. K09CSHatch, UtahK09MOPanguitch, UtahK02BNBeaver, Utah, etc. K22FS-DHeber City, Utah, etc. K35EWPark City, Utah, etc. K15FLBigelow Bench Area, Wyoming K38BZHelper, UtahK11BVParowan, UtahK32AGBlanding, Utah, etc. K46AFHenefer, Utah, etc. K08ASPeoa& Oakley, UtahK08IEBluff, Utah& Area K02PUHenrieville, UtahK11UMPreston, IdahoK29EYMontpelier, Idaho, etc. K31CIHuntsville, Utah, etc. K50EBPreston, IdahoK44HABoulder, UtahK08IIKanab, UtahK02BIRandolph& Woodruff, UtahK26GHCaineville, Utah K09LVKanab, UtahK20ECRandolph, UtahK13QJCapitol Reef National Park, UtahK08HZKanarraville, UtahK08CERichfield, Utah, etc. K03ASCeder CityCanyon, Utah K08MZKoosharem, UtahK08CLRichfield, Utah, etc. K31JI-DCedar City, UtahK09CJLaketown, Utah, etc. K08JRRoosevelt, Utah, etc. K12FGCircleville, UtahK11FZLeamington, UtahK48FYRural Garfield County, UtahK16EQCoalville, UtahK09DPLoa, Utah, etc. K07CTRural Sevier County, UtahK35DXCoalville, UtahK11DWLong Valley Junction, UtahK48EKRuth, NevadaK09DWDelta, Utah, etc. K31FGLund& Preston, Nevada K10BUSamak, UtahK09VFDingle, Idaho, etc. K09PLManti, Utah, etc. K09FMScipio& Holden, UtahK08DPDuchesne, UtahK08CTManti, Utah, etc. K28JN-DScofield, UtahK08CFDutch John& Manila, UtahK02HPMarysville, Utah K02BQSigurd& Salina, UtahK08CMEast Price, UtahK02OTMayfield, UtahK13JPSigurd& Salina, UtahK16HE-DEly, NevadaK32CJMcKinnon, Wyoming, etc. K27DZSpring Glen, Utah, etc. K08AUEmery, UtahK35DWMexican Hat, UtahK02PTSteptoe & Ruby Valley, NevadaK08IYEscalante, UtahK02FQMexican Hat, UtahK13XOSummit County, UtahK41GSEureka, NevadaK40CIMink Creek, Idaho K08EZTeasdale& Torrey, UtahK02BOEureka, UtahK41DCModena, Utah, etc. K27GBTicaboo, UtahK02ONFillmore, Utah, etc. K36FYMontezuma Creek, UtahK02OITropic& Cannonville, UtahK02IFFish Lake Resort, Utah K07IZMorgan, Utah, etc. K08GAUtahn, Utah K09VZFruitland, UtahK12KZMount Pleasant, UtahK08CCVernal, Utah, etc. K09CYGarfield, Utah, etc. K39FTMurray Canyon, Nevada, etc. K09EAWanship, Utah K06JHGarrison, Utah, etc. K09NBMyton, Utah, etc. K43AEWendover, UtahK08EIGreen River, UtahK02BUNavajo Mountain School, Utah, etc. K02PXWoodland& Kamas, UtahK48AE

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  1. ^ The Broadcasting and Cable Yearbook says September 26, while the Television and Cable Factbook says September 10.
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