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"That my friends is because it's so full of mercy" — Wolfwood

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Thoughts on Wikipedia
Sadly, most of this will be incoherent.

Firefox made a great deal with Google, securing funding and not limiting its product by making Google the default searchbar. I think Wikipedia could try something similar. I am generally against advertising because of the many reasons other users have addressed--but I have also never given nor plan on giving money to the project. I edit, that's enough. But with the fears of last funds driving falling short I tried to think of acceptable ways of earning revenue. Grants are nice but not reliable over time. Donors are also unpredictable in giving patterns. And, of course, AdSense type ads give the incentive to manipulate articles.

Why not forge a deal like with Firefox? Google could be the default non-media wiki search. Amazon could be the default ISBN retailer. Hell, Amazon should already thank us for the IMDb link given on almost every movie article. Of course, all of this can be changed and re-ordered in user preferences and any mention of these companies will only appear on "Special:" type pages. But, with Wikipedia on the top 10 sites this should be good for some revenue without harming editorial integrity. I have no idea if this has been proposed before or how much it could actually bring in or whatnot. But, I think this is an acceptable, non-obtrusive means of advertising which could deal with important funding issues. (00:10, 10 May 2008 (UTC))


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Around 16 July 2007 I reached my highest edit ranking since lists were kept of 324 with 24417 edits. ([1], [2])

#wikipedia #dp


I like

My primary interest on Wikipedia is religion, especially articles about the People of the Book. I think despite wikipedia's problems, articles like 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, created with speed show some of the great advantages of this medium. I think it would be nice if the momentum given to such articles could also be given to past events like the 2001 Gujarat Earthquake.

No true Scotsman, fr:Alphabet arabe - with sub articles it's a really nifty job, fr:Kanji:上 - I like the stroke-shower, Template:Islam. J-pop wiki ^_^, Davy Crockett (nuclear device) (not that I like it...),, Hitachi's waste of resources, O_O not sure if like is the best way to put it... Google Earth, , fatwa - professor posted, Burj Dubai, The Illinois, Lina Medina, Wikipedia:Persondata, Audrey Hepburn movies

Jonadabs - Zora's rewrite

I watch

I did

Barnstar, awarded by Anonymous editor to Gren for countless hours of work on Islam-related articles
This list is incomplete — I create stubs; User:Grenavitar/Watchlist:Braglist

Top 5 to be expanded: Ibn Hazm, Chand Raat, Perdurantism, Hitomi Yaida, Leyli and Majnun - or something.

So, if any of these articles are just horrible or worthless send me hate mail. What I like about my list the most is that it can in no way be called a brag list. Look at what I've created, most of them are quite laughable. So, I want to thank others for making my articles nice and shiny.

Hmm, I just translated from French Canton in France... if you really want anything translated I can try, I'm not good and I use aids but I think understand enough for non-complex subject.

Wikipedia:Wikiproject Albums/Needs infobox conversion I think is a good thing for the album project which I occassionally work on.

After responding to this article by Abid Ullah Jan, he posted a follow up response to my e-mailed objections using my e-mail as a footnote but not mentioning my name. People thought I was really cool because I was on Al Jazeera but it was Al-Jazeerah Information Center. In any case, I thought it was pretty cool.

I want

Places That I've Been Countries U.S. States and Territories
(edit) Even when struck through, expansion is always nice. (done)
  • Ottoman Ottoman Nationality Law (1869)
  • Rashid Pasha
  • Al-hudud, "hudud, al-." Encyclopædia Britannica. 2005. Encyclopædia Britannica Online. 2 Nov. 2005 <>.
  • Muir family
  • Mumba Mulyaka - Arab apostle converted Lakshadweep people to Islam
  • Male Like Me - NYT Book Review
  • Theomusicology - which I somehow have a book on...
  • Najahid dynasty (D) on EB, capital Zabid
  • maqsurah - EB has a little about this
  • Baye Fall - from here
  • Kanyaleng - W. African women's organization that arrived during globalization
  • Vinod Mishra
  • IR people: Martha Finnemore (constructivist), Mamoun Fandy
  • Market censorship (related to above)
  • High Value Detainee Program
  • Rifa'a al-Tahtawi
  • From Sexual Morality and the Law: Front homosexuel d'action révolutionnaire, Jean Danet, Ménie Grégoire, Klaus Croissant, Lionel Soukaz, Masques, revue des homosexualités, Race d'Ep, Groupe d’Information sur les Prisons
  • Jewish Communist Party (Palestine)
  • Hamas Executive Force in the newss :O
  • Jessie Wallace Hughan
  • The College Opportunity and Affordability Act of 2007 (HR 4137)
  • Panama v. France (Camouco Case)
  • Red Bird Reef from NYC subway cars off of DE. [3]
  • On the Jewish Question (Bauer) from fr:La Question juive (Bauer) or any other from fr:La Question juive
  • Leyla Şahin v. Turkey
  • Torture Victim Prevention Act
  • National Refuse Act / National Refuse Act of 1898
  • Oil Pollution Act of 1924
  • Kayano v. Hokkaido Expropriation Committee
  • Hall v. DeCuir / Hall v. De Cuir SCOTUS struck down reconstructionist act about equality of races on public transport
  • Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy SCIRP 1979-1981
  • Texas proviso to the [Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952] by LBJ
  • 2007 United States immigration reform protests / 2008 -- not as big but deserve articles
  • UN Conventions: Convention on Consent to Marriage, Minimum Age for Marriage and Registration of Marriages
  • The Sheltering Sky (film)
  • Commission To Study The Organization Of Peace
  • Energy Conservation Responsibility Act -- Canadian law on energy use
  • Businessmen Against the War

I should read

I should projects

Manisha Koirala (infoboxes and images too)
Jean Renoir
Madhuri Dixit

I emulate

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My images

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Cadaver Synod

Temptation of Saint Anothy, Hieronymus Bosch

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