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Eurocopter Fennec

AS 550/AS 555 Fennec

The Fennec

Type Light multipurpose helicopter ManufacturerAérospatiale
EurocopterIntroduced 1990 Retired  ? Status Operative Primary users France
Denmark, United Kingdom, Australia Developed from Eurocopter Ecureuil

The Fennec is a single-engined, light-weight, multipurpose helicopter manufactured by Eurocopter. Based on the Eurocopter Ecureuil series, it is named after the Fennec, a small fox found in the Sahara Desert of North Africa which has distinctive oversized ears. The armed version can be fitted with coaxial weapons, and a small number of rockets.


Operational History

In February 2007, India selected the Fennec over the Bell 407 helicopter in a deal for 197 helicopters worth 500 million USD.[1] This deal was suspended in June 2007 because of concerns of corruption in the bidding process, and cancelled outright on 6 December 2007.[2]


Single engine;
  • AS 550C2 Fennec
  • AS 550U2 Fennec - Twin engine version.
  • AS 555N Fennec
  • AS 555AF Fennec
  • AS 555AN Fennec - Armed military version, fitted with a 20-mm cannon.
  • AS 555AR - Armed with cannon and rockets
  • AS 555MN - Unarmed naval version.
  • AS 555MR - Naval version.
  • AS 555SN - Armed naval version.
  • AS 555SR Fennec - Armed naval version.
  • AS 555UN Fennec - Training and uility version.
  • AS 555UR - Utility version.


Argentine Navy Fennec


General Charecteristics

Type: Anti-Armor and Multipurpose Helicopter Crew: 2

Weight(Empty): 1750kg

Weight(Full): 2250kg (2500 kg with hanging cargo)

Length: 10,93 meters

Height: 3,08 meters

Rotordiameter: 10,69 meters

Engine: 1 stk. Turbomeca ARRIEL 1D turbineengine, 684 Hp

Top Speed: 287 km/h

Operation Radius: 420 km

Flight Time: ?


4 147mm armorpiercing TOW-missiles

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  1. ^ Eurocopter wins big Indian Army deal. Retrieved on 2007-04-26.
  2. ^ India scraps 600 million dollar Eurocopter deal

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