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Brazilian Army

Brazilian Army
Exército Brasileiro
President Lula reviews the soldiers who will participate in the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti Active 1824- Country  BrazilBranch ArmySize 190,000 active personnel
82 aircraft Part of Ministry of DefenceCommand Headquarters Brasília/DFPatron Luís Alves de Lima e SilvaMotto Braço Forte, Mão Amiga March "Canção do Exército" Anniversaries August 25(Soldier's Day)
April 19(Brazilian Army Day) Engagements War of Independence
Argentina-Brazil War
War of Tatters
War of the Triple Alliance
World War I
World War IICommanders Commander-in-Chief President Luiz Inácio Lula da SilvaCommander General Enzo Martins Peri Notable
commanders Luís Alves de Lima e Silva
Eurico Gaspar Dutra
Artur da Costa e SilvaInsignia Insignia

The Brazilian Army is the land arm of the Brazilian Military.



After the Brazilian declaration of independence from Portugal in 1822, the Brazilian Army was essential to avoid a fragmentation of the new Brazilian Empire. It destroyed any separatist tendencies of the early years, supporting the authority of Emperor Dom Pedro I across his vast empire. By the Regency Era it was complemented by the National Guard, a paramilitary militia.

Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB)

On May 1 1865, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina signed the Triple Alliance to defend themselves against aggression from Paraguay, which was ruled by the dictator Francisco López, who invaded the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, the north of Argentina and was heading for Uruguay. Supported by the UK (because Paraguay objectives conflicted with the English Empire capitalism thoughts) and with overwhelming numbers, the Alliance defeated Lopez.

After World War I, under a contract where French army officers came to Brazil, the Brazilian Army was restructured according to lessons learned by the French in the war.

In 1942, after German torpedoes sunk many Brazilian merchant ships, Brazil declared war on the Axis Powers. In 1944 the FEB (Brazilian Expeditionary Force) was sent to Italy to fight with the U.S. Fifth Army in Monte Castello. During eight months of the campaign, the Brazilian Expeditionary Force managed to take 20,573 Axis prisoners (two generals, 892 officers and 19,679 other ranks) and had 443 of its men killed in action. It had support from the FAB (Brazilian Air Force) recently created to fight in that war.

In 1964 Brazilian Army General Humberto de Alencar Castelo Branco took power in a state coup, beginning the Military Dictatorship in Brazil that lasted until 1985. In that period of time, the Brazilian Army had a great modernization proccess with the investiments of the new government. Nowdays, Brazil has the most well geared army in South America.



Active troops: 190,000


  • Trained first-line: 1,115,000
  • Subject to immediate recall: 400,000
  • Second-line: 225,000


General HQ:

  • Army General Headquarters (Quartel-General do Exército) - Brasília

Military Commands:

Military Regions:

Main units


  • 1 Armoured cavalry brigade (2 armd, 2 mech inf,1 armd arty bn)
  • 3 Mechanized infantry brigades (each 3 mech inf, 1 armd, 1 arty bn)
  • 4 Mechanized cavalry brigades (each 3 armd, 1 mech inf, 1 arty bn)
  • 12 Motorised infantry brigades (26 bn)
  • 1 Mountain brigade
  • 1 Parachute Infantry brigade
  • 1 Special Operations brigade
  • 4 Jungle Infantry brigades
  • 1 Frontier brigade (6 bn)
  • and others.

Jungle Warfare

The Brazilian Army has four Jungle Infantry Brigades (1st, 16th, 17th and 23th Jungle Infantry Brigades) and a Jungle Warfare Training Center. [1]

Special Forces

The Special Operations Brigade is Brazil's primary army special operations force, and is the only unit of the Army trained in conducting unconventional warfare. Although administratively assigned to the Plateau Military Command, the brigade prepare and employment is under the direct control of the Land Operations Comand. [2]

Special Forces was initially formed in 1957 as a parachute trained rescue unit, which specialized in conducting deep jungle rescues along the Amazon basin. After conducting it's initial selection, a US Army Special Forces Mobile Training Team (MTT) conducted the unit's first training course. [3]


Main Equipment

Equipment Origin Type Versions In service[4]Notes Leopard Tank Germanytank 1A1 128 Leopard Tank Germanytank 1A5 0 ordered 240 (ex-German Army) M-60 United Statestank A3 91 M-41 United Stateslight tank M-41B/C 112 EE-9 Cascavel Brazilarmored car/recon EE-9 409 45 being upgraded EE-11 Urutu Brazilarmoured personnel carrier EE-11 213 121 being upgraded M-113 United Statesarmoured personnel carrier M-113 584 350 being upgraded M108 United Statesself-propelled artillery 105 mm 72 M-109 United Statesself-propelled artillery 155 mm 38 ASTROS II Brazilmultiple rocket launcher 108/180/300 mm 20 M578  United Statescommand armor vehicle 17 M114 United Statestowed howitzer 155 mm 92 L118 United Kingdomtowed howitzer 105 mm 36 OTO Melara Mod 56 Italytowed howitzer 105 mm  ? M101 United Statestowed howitzer 105 mm 320 M2  Braziltowed mortar 120 mm 60 M30 United Statestowed mortar 107 mm 209 M936 AGR  Braziltowed mortar 81 mm  ? RO  United Kingdomtowed mortar 81 mm  ? M949 AGR  Brazillight mortar 60 mm  ? Brandt 60  Francelight mortar 60 mm  ? Oerlikon 35mm Switzerland Italytowed aa artillery 35 mm 38 Bofors 40mm L/70 Swedentowed aa artillery 40 mm 24 Bofors 40mm L/60 Swedentowed aa artillery 40 mm 103 M40 United Statesrecoiless rifle 106 mm 105 Carl Gustav Swedenrecoiless rifle 84 mm 127 AT4 Swedenrocket laucher 84 mm  ? ERYX Franceanti-tank guided missile 20 MILAN European Unionanti-tank guided missile 12 Igla RussiaSAM missile SA-18 56 Roland European UnionSAM missile Roland II 4

Individual Weapons and Equipment

Aircraft inventory

The Army operates 82 helicopters, of which the 16 Helibras HB 350 represent the only Brazilian-produced aircraft.

Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service[5]Notes Eurocopter AS 532 Cougar France
 Spaintransport helicopter AS 532UE 8 Eurocopter AS 550 Fennec France
 Spainscout/liaison/attack helicopter AS 550A-2 20 Eurocopter AS 365 Panther France
 Spaintransport/attack helicopter AS 365K 34 Helibras HB 350 Brazilutility/attack helicopter HB 350-1 16 Sikorsky S-70 Black Hawk United Statestransport helicopter S-70A 4

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