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About me...

Hello and welcome to my userpage at Wikipedia! / Здраво и добредојдовте на мојата корисничка страница на Википедија!

You can call me Bomac. I'm a Macedonian living in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. I'm a biology student at the Saints Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. I have been contributing to the English Wikipedia and to the Macedonian Wikipedia since 2005. Most of my contributions to the English Wikipedia are interwikis and maintaining the NPOV of articles. I'm interested in biology, ecology, chemistry, geography (especially its branch cartography), history, linguistics and a bit of politics. I like having a really nice time with my friends and relatives. My dislikes are hypocrisy, double standards, propaganda and chauvinism. I hope this information is helpful in knowing me better. Well, catch you later then!

And yes - you can talk to me at my discussion page, or send me an e-mail at bomaniuss[at]

Something very interesting... I hope that in the future the things will get clearer...


A photo & poem... from the land I love — Macedonia

Глас од Македонија

О, трајте, трајте тирани ниедни!
Доста се тие лаги и злоба -
пакосен глас од устите гадни
над мојот народ у секоја доба.

Та ете веќе векови цели
пишка и стенка од волци гости -
за брата вијат кој да го дели,
за да му глода сувите коски.

Па нека сега сам да си реши
со своја волја, судба и сева,
в животот еднаш сам да се теши,
д'издигне славно свој род без врева.

Та Шар и Пирин дружно да викнат,
родната песна в небеса темни
и бурниот Егеј - на век да плиска
тешкиот глас на новите химни.

(A poem by Kole Nedelkovski)
Can this be unofficial? If the so-called ,,name issue" is of top-priority to Greece, how come the same country published books (and school textbooks) in which it's northern neighbour is called ,,Macedonia"? Use this, it will help! General help General issues • Site directory • Image & media copyright • Userpage help • New user help • Community assistanceReport abuse Vandalism • Spam • Edit warring • Improper usernames • Open proxies • Sock puppets • Copyright violations • Long term abuse • ISP reportingRequest assistance Editor assistance • Page protection • Checkuser • Oversight • Arbitration • Mediation: Formal/ Informal • Requests for comment • Wikiquette alertsNoticeboards Administrators' • Incidents • ArbCom enforcement • Conflict of interest • Biographies • Fiction • Fringe theories • Original research • Neutral point of view • Reliable sources • Ethnic and cultural conflicts

The basics of me

This user comes from the Republic of Macedonia.
mkКорисникот зборува македонскикако мајчин јазик.
en-4 This user speaks Englishat a near-nativelevel.
bg-3 Този потребител има задълбочени познанияпо български език.
sh-3 Овај корисник врло доброговори српскохрватски језик.
Ovaj korisnik vrlo dobrogovori srpskohrvatski jezik.
sl-2 Uporabnik srednje dobrogovori slovensko.
de-2 Dieser Benutzer hat fortgeschritteneDeutschkenntnisse.
fr-1 Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau élémentairede français.
This user is from the planet Earth.
This user is a Citizen of the World(Terra, ).
This user eats chocolate.
M This user adoresthe work and life of Madonna.
This user is interested in historyresearch.
This user prefers to play games on a PC.
This user contributes using Microsoft Windows XP.
I, Rex, award Bomac the Barnstar of National Merit for all the work he has put into maintaining the neutrality of the articles relating to his fatherland, Macedonia.

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