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Wikipedia:1000 things not to write your article about

This page is intended as humor. If you have been sent here by another user after creating an article that might qualify on the following list, you may safely tell them that they sent you to the wrong place. The place she/he/it probably wanted to send you was to Wikipedia:List of bad article ideas.
1000 things not to write your article about

Many vandals and trolls roam Wikipedia. But even more create accounts and create pages about whatever they feel like, without even looking at any of the Wikipedia policies and guidelines. This list is for new users and (hopefully) people looking to create a page about any of these things. Anyone can add to this list, as long it is a reasonable item. Remember to sign your name if you add an item.


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The list

  1. A list not to write Wikipedia articles about. Don't open it with a trite pop culture reference.
  2. The former first rule of Wikipedia is that you do not write about Fight Club
  3. The former second rule of Wikipedia is that you DO NOT write about Fight Club
  4. When the cows won the war.
  5. Your local shop in the middle of nowhere.
  6. The air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow.
  7. That dirt road that runs behind your house.
  8. A club that you formed yesterday that has exactly two members.
  9. Stuff that you like.
  10. Your pet.
  11. Something or someone that you work for.
  12. Your science fair project.
  13. The time you walked under a ladder pouring salt over a black cat whilst entering a mirror-breaking contest.
  14. How much you hate your teachers/friends/parents/pets/significant other.
  15. Your invention that you're going to make when you're 22.
  16. Another Wikipedian, unless they're actually notable.
  17. Your secret recipe.
  18. Your father's mother's brother's cousin's uncle's nephew's former roommate.
  19. The new word you made up yesterday.
  20. Something that's not even real.
  21. Games that you play.
  22. A lame celebrity who already has a surprisingly good article. The search button is there for a reason.
  23. The vandal you admire.
  24. The admin who blocked your last sockpuppet.
  25. Your last sockpuppet.
  26. Your ex.
  27. Your ex's new boy/girlfriend.
  28. Notable things... or was that non-notable things?
  29. South Park.
  30. Pokémon, Vice-presidents who have shot people, or Natasha Demkina, the Russian girl who claims to have X-ray vision.
  31. Jimbo Wales.
  32. Your growing love for Hannah Montana.
  33. Your growing hate for Hannah Montana.
  34. Your sibling.
  35. Stephen King.
  36. Your mother-in-law.
  37. Your vacation to Chicago.
  38. That time you were robbed.
  39. Your local pool that nobody knows about.
  40. Your karate status.
  41. Your crappy lego model.
  42. 42.
  43. Your awkward moment.
  44. Your paranormal experience.
  45. Your life.
  46. The film your friend made.
  47. The extras in that film.
  48. Your street.
  49. Your book.
  50. Your church.
  51. Your professor, especially your professor.
  52. Your principal who suspended you for doing something at school you shouldn't have (probably vandalizing Wikipedia on a school computer).
  53. The tree in your backyard .
  54. The roundabout at the end of your street.
  55. Your boyfriend's girlfriend's boyfriend.
  56. How yummy that sandwich you just finished was.
  57. Your company.
  58. Your school.
  59. Your teachers.
  60. Elephants (but only if your name is Stephen Colbert).
  61. Your ridiculously long 300-page iPhone bill.
  62. Desmond Dekker.
  63. That time you won a radio contest.
  64. The huge rock in your backyard.
  65. Your cute poodle.
  66. Your failed math test.
  67. Your rejection on American Idol.
  68. Your birthday.
  69. How long it took you to get a Wii.
  70. How long it took you to get Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  71. Your trip to a Red Sox game.
  72. That time you saw a Lamborghini.
  73. ur txting addiction.
  74. That time you got in a fight with your best friend (who you shouldn't write an article about!!).
  75. Your unpaid parking tickets.
  76. Pictures of your cat.
  77. Your school magazine.
  78. Your shopping center.
  79. Your bike.
  80. Your car.
  81. Your friend's book.
  82. Your mum.
  83. Your artworks.
  84. A copy of an existing article under a slightly different title. Really. We're not THAT stupid.
  85. The novel you haven't published.
  86. Characters from the novel you haven't published.
  87. The novel you have published.
  88. 100 Characters from the novel you have published.
  89. The "high communist cabal" in your school.
  90. The growing tensions between you and the teacher who was mad at you for winning the actual position on the actual lawmaking body over someone related to them, so organized the high communist cabal with your principal and left it in the hands of a "trusted" person, who ended up leaking everything they say at their communist cabal meetings to you.
  91. A premonition you had of the future.
  92. films that have been announced, but don't actually exist.
  93. Your gaming team.
  94. Your secret plans to kidnap Hulk Hogan.
  95. The benefits of chewing with your mouth closed.
  96. A proposal to your girlfriend.
  97. What a rejected proposal felt like.
  98. Remember rules 1, 2 and 3.
  99. Casmir Pulaski.
  100. Times when you wake up behind an alley garbage can with your pants down.
  101. Help regarding your quest to find the that hairy, fat, naked, bald guy who was following you on his bike at night.
  102. Simon Magniti's cat.
  103. High School Musical.
  104. How depressing your life is.
  105. Your Own Blog (also don't add personal blogs in external links).
  106. About "The day your best friend crapped his/her self"
  107. And Never "That was the best time of my life!"
  108. That awesome song by an American Idol contestant.
  109. How dragons are real because you saw this special on Animal Planet.
  110. Your favorite food.
  111. Your favorite new ice cream.
  112. Your animal rights campaigns or what you learned from any website run by PETA.
  113. Your version of film company logos.
  114. The animated specials Cartoon All-Stars 2000's and Mickey Mouse in a find Ariel, Lilo, and Aladdin.
  115. The haunted house in your neighborhood.
  116. That one time you had sex.
  117. Even if it was incest.
  118. Even if the act was with a long dead notable person and the earth moved for them.
  119. Your amazing talent to play jingle bells on the piano with your nose.
  120. That one time you played chess with a 10 year old. And actually won!
  121. Your personal take on crop circles (even if you visited and explored each and every one of them and have genuine pictures to display).
  122. That one time you sang or played an instrument for school/college/local club, even if you were highly appreciated. Till the time you haven't sold a million copies of your album or have toured as a guest with an established band/person, don't create an article!
  123. That one time you saw Carmen Electra in the Mall's parking lot. Even if she looked/smiled/waved at you.
  124. That Ringling Brothers Circus, which went defunct 80 years ago, abuses animals.
  125. Zac Efron and how he is so totally hot.
  126. How George W. Bush will destroy the world.
  127. How Barack Obama will save it.
  128. How Hillary Clinton will mess it up a bit more.
  129. Dribbling and how it is annoying.
  130. Why Jesse McCartney is hot.
  131. The color of you carpet.
  132. Aliens and how they abducted you.
  133. The time you beat a girl.
  134. The time a girl beat you.
  135. The time you got hit in the nuts.
  136. The time the nuts hit you.
  137. The time when you watched a TV show while drinking a soda and you laughed so hard that it came out of your Ass.
  138. A countdown to 1/20/09. Please.
  139. How Europeans seeing such an article will cry "there's no 20th month".
  140. A how-to about intercourse (oh, cum on!).
  141. The game which you just lost.
  142. Your mother.
  143. Somebody else's mother.
  144. Your mother's mother.
  145. The stupid computer you're editing on which took you ten days to get it to Wikipedia (even if the OS is from MS).
  146. Megan Duger and the supposed American Girl doll being made of her.
  147. Your Breakfast.
  148. Your lunch.
  149. Your bed.
  150. The "for sale" sign outside your neighbor's house.
  151. Kevin Oates.
  152. How the cashier lady in McDonalds was rude to you.
  153. How sad you are.
  154. The guide to find Spiderwick's guide in the library.
  155. Your insecurities on the size of your penis.
  156. How you got a boner the first time you saw the video for Umbrella by Rihanna.
  157. Your quest to find some one who does not believe size matters.
  158. How Your Mad Because The Popular Girls All Have A Date To The Dance and You Don't Because You're Ugly!
  159. How You Feel Like No One Cares about you or understands you.
  160. How you're mad at your teacher for giving you an F in her class.
  161. How you're mad at your teacher for not giving you an F after her class.
  162. The police officer who arrested you.
  163. The judge who made not editing Wikipedia a condition of your probation, unless the judge is independently notable.
  164. The squirrel thats jumping around in your backyard now.
  165. How you got in a hot argument with your teacher about whether Wikipedia is reliable or not.
  166. How you think all poodles look better painted pink.
  167. How "You punched that dragon so hard he breathed fire all over the world and caused global warming".
  168. How you think Wikipedia is stupid, unreliable, inconsistent, and dumb.
  169. How any company is evil because they test on animals.
  170. How the Iditorod was just created to abuse and kill puppies, and how Wikipedia and Anchorage Daily News are biased and written by animal abusers.
  171. How all the Preps are stupid and ran away when you scared them!
  172. How Hot Topic is cool and Abercrombie sucks.
  173. That Fall Out Boy is Heavy Metal.
  174. The time one of the Jonas Brothers kissed you.
  175. Especially if you're male.
  176. How your penis is larger than everyone else's.
  177. How you are mad at proactiv acne creme for not working and you still have a bad acne problem.
  178. How you are now searching for a new cure for acne.
  179. That time you thought you saw Rosie O'Donnel when in reality it was just a cow that got loose.
  180. Bigfoot.
  181. Why you're mad at your mom.
  182. Why you believe that the entire world is out to get you.
  183. The time you and your friends had a Warhead (confectionery) eating contest and how you won and afterwards your toung hurt because you ate too many.
  184. The dump you took last night that you SWEAR was the biggest ever.
  185. How much you pwn on Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare.
  186. How its unfair you get pwned on Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare.
  187. The one time you got drunk and you and your best friend fooled around.
  188. How much you enjoyed the time you and your best friend fooled around.
  189. Odd phenomenons you see occur.
  190. When your contributions are deleted.
  191. When you chased down Count Chocular with a really stupid FBI agent .
  192. Inuyasha....Its F'ing Dragon Ball Z for girls!!
  193. That time you and your cousin, brother, and friend got stoned and painted your garage pink and green and purple with hippie designs and somehow convinced your mother that you were sober when it happened.
  194. What he said.
  195. That one time at band camp.
  196. How cranberry juice leaves that dry aftertaste in your mouth.
  197. The characters that are not in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  198. Why you think Prince William is cuter than Prince Harry, or the other way around.
  199. Your HUGE collection of [insert thing here], unless you have found a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  200. Robot Women.
  201. The name of the planet so mysterious that people who have heard it's name, dare not speak it.
  202. How funny Jim Carrey is.
  203. How cool Vin Deisel is.
  204. Even if they insist on humiliating themselves with Disney movies.
  205. How much Disney preys on the lack of intelligence in children and how easily entertained they are, however true or evil
  206. How hot that chick from Ultraviolet is. No she didn't wink at you.
  207. The kid sitting next to you at school with the questionable sexual preference who you saw Google "straight" .
  208. How bad you have to pee.
  209. What color you just painted your fingernails.
  210. That time you punched your acne covered friend and a pimple exploded on your hand.
  211. Ew.. That's gross.
  212. Barbie fashion designer.
  213. The fascinating production process of pencils.
  214. How much your pet rats smell.
  215. How slow your computer is.
  216. How drunk you were that time you ran into Angelina Jolie on the sidewalk.
  217. How gay Zac Efron is.
  218. Hobos.
  219. Seasick Steve.
  220. HIM.
  221. Your conspiracy theories about the ailens, 9/11, The Kenneddy Assassination, etc.
  222. How the Jews control the world's banks.
  223. How all Mormons are polygamists.
  224. How you should hate Jennifer Lopez because she wears fur.
  225. How Burberry slaughters bunnies and sheep and is worn by ugly Chavs.
  226. How our Mommies and Chinese people kill cute little animals.
  227. That Americans are fat and lazy.
  228. Don't forget rule 395.
  229. That Barack Obama is a racist Muslim.
  230. how Barack Obama wiil behead the next person who calls him a muslim cause' he NOT.
  231. That John McCain is REALLY REALLY old!
  232. How you hated the new Pink Panther movie and want Peter Sellers' ghost haunt Steve Martin.
  233. Any useless lits of top tens.
  234. A list of 1000 things not to write your article about.
  235. How Doo-Wop music from the 1950s and early 1960s should be listened to by today's kids instead of that meaningless noise they call music.
  236. That kid who sat behind John Lennon in Biology class.
  237. The small lump of green putty you found in your armpit.
  238. What you do at night. We really don't want to know.
  239. The fact that your neighbor's dog barks constantly.
  240. The fact that your grandma is so old she sat behind Jesus in the 3rd grade.
  241. A list of Yo' Momma! jokes. Please, those are SO old.
  242. A list of blonde jokes. Those are old too.
  243. Why I can't get that stain out of my bedsheets.
  244. That Avatar, Yoko Ono, and Teen Titans are anime.
  245. How your family sucks, is not smart, is too strict, ect.
  246. How most people can't tell the difference between etc. and ECT.
  247. Why you can not get a girlfriend.
  248. How rap really, really, really sucks and rock rules all.
  249. Why Wikipedia is so good.
  250. Your idea why Wikipedia was even invented.
  251. Stories about yourself.
  252. 'Yo Mama' "Jokes" (do they even count as jokes?).
  253. How PS3 is so PWNed by Xbox 360.
  254. Why you failed the math quiz on the 24th of Febuary, 2054.
  255. The fact that USERNAME has no life.
  256. The reason you hate Democrates.
  257. The reason you hate Replicans.
  258. The reason you hate Politics.
  259. The reason you like/hate the number '7'.
  260. The reason you like/hate Bungie.
  261. The reason you like/hate Halo:Combat Evolved.
  262. The reason you like/hate Halo 2.
  263. The reason you like/hate Halo 3.
  264. The fact you LOVE Pimps at Sea.
  265. The fact you HATE Pimps at Sea.
  266. The fact that you absolutly love Vampire Weekend.
  267. How rich You are.
  268. How poor you are.
  269. How much of a beggarman/thief you are.
  270. Your trip to Jamaica.
  271. Why you Love/Hate Hilary Clinton.
  272. what you ate for breakfast 3 weeks ago.
  273. what your friend ate for breakfast 3 weeks ago.
  274. what friend you ate for breakfast 3 weeks ago.
  275. Your plans to take over the world.
  276. Your plans to rob a bank
  277. The Bank you're planning on robbing
  278. The Bank you're not planning on robbing
  279. About how O.J. Simpson really didn't do it
  280. About how O.J. Simpson really did do it (even though he didn't)
  281. About how rich you're going to be 5 years from now
  282. About why 2+2 should equal 13
  283. about how stupid this page is
  284. About how you could come up with so many better things to put on this page
  285. About that time you went cow tipping.
  286. About your truck
  287. About your farm
  288. About how big your T.V. is.
  289. The color of your eyes.
  290. The color of your hair
  291. The new color of your hair
  292. About that one time you bought lottery tickets and got the wrong numbers for the wrong tickets an would of ended up winning millions, starting your own company, getting even richer, marrying a supermodel, going bankrupt, having your wife leave you for your dad, and ended up getting shot.
  293. About how you dyed your hair
  294. How much you hate/love Russia
  295. About how you dyed your hair again
  296. The wonderful world of Cheese
  297. About how you dyed your hair for the 12th time this week
  298. About how they can't find Osama Bin Laden
  299. About how you can't find Barack Obama
  300. Quit dying your hair
  301. About when you think the world is going to end
  302. About your socks
  303. About what color mirrors are
  304. About how your little sister won't stop complaining she wants to go outside
  305. About how your pet cat won't stop jumping up on your lap when you're trying to type stuff on Wikipedia
  306. About what way the wind is blowing today
  307. About how the word Schnifilpufin isn't a real word
  308. About illegal immigrants and how they're ruining the United States
  309. About a hole you dug
  310. About what you are going to put in the hole you dug
  311. About how nobody cares about the hole you dug or what you're going to put in it
  312. About how mad you are that nobody cares about the hole you dug or what you're going to put in it
  313. About what you're going to do to the people who don't care about the hole you dug or what you're going to put in it.
  314. About what you did to the people who didn't care about the hole you dug or what you were going to put in it.
  315. About how bad it was in jail for doing what you did to those people who didn't care about the hole you dug or what you're going to put in it.
  316. About how stupid the last 7 things are.
  317. About how mad you are about the last 7 things written.
  318. About how you thought i was going to do that again.
  319. About Why they should get rid of rule one and two.
  320. There where two "e"'s in rule
  321. How aliens will once rule the world
  322. Why we should send the aliens back to mexico
  323. Why we should send the aliens back to Skaro
  324. That your power went out
  325. Stuff you are allergic to
  326. Stuff your friends are allergic to.
  327. Fried chicken and how good it tastes.
  328. Watermelon and how good it tastes.
  329. Anything saying lies about how fried chicken and watermelon don't taste good.
  330. How your favourite sandwich filling is fried-chicken-and-watermelon.
  331. About the Number 4
  332. Why the number 14 is the greatest number ever
  333. Why April is the greatest month ever.
  334. Why April 14th is the greatest day ever.
  335. Why the triangle is the best color ever.
  336. Why red is the best shape ever.
  337. Your theory on why water is wet and not dry like dry things but is wet like wet things because it is wet and wet is not dry but is wet as in wet. WET!
  338. Why
  339. About that time you saw The Loch Ness Monster.
  340. That time you rode the Loch Ness Monster.
  341. ɸ
  342. The person who is stalking you
  343. The person who keeps watching you
  344. The person you are watching
  345. Random threats you make to people
  346. About the time that the old man across the street stole your ball
  347. About the time that you ate a hamburger and farted for days
  348. Your plans for world domination
  349. Your mother's sister's uncle's cousin's sexy best friend's mom's ex-boyfriend's sister.
  350. Your mother's sister's uncle's cousin's sexy best friend's mom's ex-boyfriend's sister's chest.
  351. That time you got caught looking at your mother's sister's uncle's cousin's sexy best friend's mom's ex-boyfriend's sister's chest.
  352. What kind of toothpaste you use.
  353. The color of the toothpaste you use.
  354. wWhat flavor your toothpaste is.
  355. How celebrities need to wear underwear.
  356. How much money you have in your wallet right now.
  357. Bill Clinton and all the various things he has done in the Oval Office.
  358. Hillary Clinton and all the things she has apparently forgiven Bill for doing in the Oval office.
  359. Reallybigwordsthatnobodyknowswhattheymean.
  360. Your obsession with editing Wikipedia.
  361. How this list hasn't reached anywhere near 1000 items yet
  362. How the world/Wikipedia will implode/explode the instant it does
  363. How crappy this list is.
  364. Anything else no-one knows about.
  365. Fake motels (i.e. The Trucker's Inn in Holmdel, NJ)
  366. Why the *bleep* you're reading this...
  367. How long it took to write this...
  368. How 68 can destroy the universe.
  369. And so can 86. Or can it? No.
  370. How your dog truly ate your homework and no one believed you.
  371. Hamilton's restaraunt (ye I spelt that completely wrong... or did i?) in Edinburgh.
  372. a non-existent froogle or muppet (what ever a froogle is...)
  373. h0w 1337 y0u @r3
  374. Nothing at all! Nothing at all!
  375. The time you were banned from the computer for 20 minutes and how outrageously angry you were that you couldn't finish writi...
  376. That time your best friend went Jewish for a day
  377. The huge annoying campervan that is a tremendous eyesore right outside your house
  378. How Cool Adriana Dulmage And Ismail Hasaballa Are.
  379. How Boronica Metaliaj is a huge turn on.
  380. The fastest guitarist in the world
  381. Remember Rule 108.
  382. If you don't remember go check it.
  383. The country you made up.
  384. your article/edit on Wikipedia.
  385. That one time when you like Totally broke a nail.
  386. how this list is never going to be finished.
  387. Don't never forget rule 1, 2, or 3
  388. Really, really, really big numbers.
  389. The color of electricity
  390. What the wind looks like
  391. Nothing
  392. Your poetry
  393. How do we know that blue is really blue?
  394. Whats up with airline food.
  395. Why Lost is the best/worst show ever.
  396. The game.
  397. Why you just lost the game.
  398. Why you're angry because you just lost the game.
  399. How you're going to make sure you make all of your friends lose the game.
  400. Where in the world Carmen Sandiego really is
  401. How Kinky Kay, Alex, And Ismail Are During Live Sessions On Stickam.
  402. Why this is 400th comment.
  403. Why this is not 400th comment.
  404. How german f****** lisa is with her deep deep dimples and love for tall singing black folk.
  405. Samantha's Love For Climaxing Over Tomy Toolshed And How Perfectly Scene Alex's Hair Is.
  406. Kristopher Castro.
  407. Do you remember rules 1,2 and 3 ?
  408. Why the sky is blue not purple, green, turquoise, or off-white.
  409. Why you can't love on yourself
  410. Stuff about rules 1, 2, and 3 in this article!!!!
  411. Repeating stuff and making multiple articles.
  412. How bad girl scout cookies are.
  413. Rumors you hear about that one guy/gal you've never heard of in class/ at the mall/ in the middle of nowhere/ somewhere.
  414. The T-man show (especially the T-man show family guy is fine, the simpsons are too)
  415. How much you like/hate some show or thing.
  416. sentence fragments.
  417. How you JUST NOTICED that Wikipedia is a project by Wikimedia and that it's powered by MediaWiki
  418. Your dog (did someone already say that?)
  419. Your love for the number 12
  420. About your high score in Jetman.
  421. The rumors of people thinking I'm God.
  422. How bored you must have been to read all this way down this list.
  423. How long you took to read all the way down this list.
  424. Your list of scrabble vocabulary: words like equiponderating
  425. The number before ∞
  426. Pokemon No. 435 Skuntank
  427. Why No. 493 on this list should be "Pokemon No. 493 Arceus"
  428. Why you are reading this list right now
  429. Whether gERARD Way is gay minus erardw
  430. Your growing love/concern for the big tubby girl who lives in a house made of twigs.
  431. 1,000 reasons to love The Simpsons
  432. Your love/hate for the girl at the till of the newsagent's.
  433. The crazy old lady who always thinks the world will end in 30 seconds.
  434. Writing multiple articles about one thing (or here on this list. ahem).
  435. Why the word AHEM should be in webster's dictionary.
  436. How the word AHEM is already in webster's dictionary.
  437. The fact that there's really very little relevant information and the fact that I'm doing very little for that fact bumbling about things completly irrelevant to this list/article.
  438. Your enimies
  439. That one time you misspelled enemies on Wikipedia:1000 things not to write your article about.
  440. Why/How China will conquer the world in 10-25 years.
  441. lol norbert
  442. Corn
  443. Harbl
  444. Your cat. Or cats in many cases.
  445. Egg men
  446. Your life
  447. Your love of coffee
  448. Cat ladies and their relation to Toxoplasma gondii
  449. The fact that if you actually bothered reading this article thoroughly then maybe you'd acctually find something relevant.
  450. 461
  451. 462
  452. 463
  453. Stupid things like this.
  454. How playing bloody knuckles always leaves your hands hurting
  455. How PS3 is the future of all gaming or computer and will destroy X-Box
  456. Your grief over the passing of your parents, grandmother, hermit crab, etc...
  457. Talking about your butt and if you suck?
  458. Your wish to kill everybody who edited this page
  459. About how you can't find anything funny enough to write on this page
  460. 1000 things not to write your article about
  461. 2000 things not to write your article about
  462. Infinite things not to write your article about.
  463. Characters that already have an article.
  464. əƏåÅÅøÆ,and so on.
  465. The fact we're almost half way through! I'll see you later.
  466. An article which we can show there >>> >>> >>> This is still an article!<<< <<< <<<
  467. Your secret love for Patti Smith, and how you want to do her on a giant field of clovers, while smoking a joint.
  468. Any thing that you, as an annoying 15 year old boy, would consider fun
  469. Anything which you thought of. ANYTHING.
  470. How you pick your nose.
  471. The noises inside your head.
  472. Your views on the Iraq War, War in Afghanistan or Clone Wars.
  473. The Doppler effect.
  474. An unimportant event that happens at your school.
  475. How aliens have nuclear missiles in Antarctica.
  476. Me
  477. How Macs are better than PCs, which they are not.
  478. The old man that lives across the street.
  479. That your friends pretend to be Asian rappers.
  480. The political message of Dr. Seuss.
  481. Why I'm still typing.
  482. What time it is.
  483. The world.
  484. The day you ate glue.
  485. Wikipedia in general.
  486. How I'm getting to 500.
  487. The anatomy of a paper airplane.
  488. How your day was.
  489. What your bff said on MSN.
  490. How March of the Penguins promoted the Colonization of Mars.
  491. The Drew Carrey Show.
  492. Don King's crazy hair.
  493. How you're a big kid now.
  494. That song from Rocky.
  495. How I'm slowly getting there.......
  496. How Geox breathes!
  497. Hot Pockets
  498. A random song you wrote.
  499. Iron Eagle, which I never saw.
  500. Motorola. Almost there.
  501. How Red Bull didn't give you wings. [citation needed] Here it comes.......
  502. How I, Tascha96, have made the 500th edition to this page! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
  503. How her, Tascha96, hasn't made the 500th edition to this page! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
  504. Will that was fun. Anyway, cluster bombs.
  505. List of 1000 unverifiable facts [citation needed]
  506. How comfortable your trouser pockets are
  507. How you wasted a minute on writing useless facts
  508. How bad spelling affects globabl warming...
  509. How big my big fat bottom is.
  510. abOuT SayInG ThAt YoU HavE PoeTiC LiCencE!,.
  511. Chain letters. Please don't read this. You will get a curse causing your mother to die in 4 hours. BAM, You're cursed! The only way to get rid of the curse is to post it on 47 articles, or you'll have a DEAD MOMMY.
  512. Having everything clickable.
  513. Why the article on References has a lack of citations, according the page itself.
  514. How you just got something for your birthday.
  515. The basic structure of a sandwich.
  516. Your relatives.
  517. Your MySpace/Facebook page and how awesome it is.
  518. How Napoleon Dynamite influenced your taking part in fascist rallies.
  519. Your visit to Italy.
  520. The song you're listening to.
  521. The song your friend is listening to.
  522. The reason why you hate you friend.
  523. Why you ended up having sex last night with your friend.
  524. And the long conversation you had about that you were drunk even though you never touched beer in your life.
  525. How DukeVampire Was able to add 6 things to "The song you're listening to" including this one.
  526. The reason why DukeVampireforgot to make his userpage.
  527. The reason why you for some reason have a gay relationship with that random guy across the street.
  528. How the hell DukeVampire was able to go on and on about stuff.
  529. This list
  530. How much time you spent reading this list
  531. How much time you spent editing this list
  533. How to manipulate the fonts to make your text look more important
  534. How much you know about HTML code
  535. How you forgot to put in a < /font> and entirely messed up the page when you signed your name in color. (DukeVampire did this)
  536. Swam
  537. Doo
  538. What Wikipedia is.
  539. How you just realized that this page doesn't have 1000 things on it.
  540. The number 23.
  541. Why you don't like the number 23.
  542. How good/bad of a movie the Number 23 was.
  543. How funny your YouTube video is.
  544. You wondering why everybody is saying your YouTube video isn't funny.
  545. Why "Ernest Saves Christmas" should've won that Oscar.
  546. Your growing concerns on how the economy is being affected by three legged dogs.
  547. Why you love three legged dogs.
  548. Why you love three legged people.
  549. What you plan to do on March 31, 2015, no matter how awesome it is.
  550. What it looks like underneath your underwear.
  551. The practical you did in sex education at school.
  552. How to get out your twangers and bounce your balls.
  553. The time your granny fell down the stairs.
  554. Including links completely off topic.
  555. The first time in 94 years that you've managed to count to 4.
  556. How cake is better than pie. MENOLIKEYPIE!
  557. The time your PS2 blew up.
  558. How Homer Simpson managed to fit out of his mom's belly.
  559. The bird is bright. The bird is beautiful. The bird is yummy.
  560. How naughty Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus are together.
  561. The time your girlfriend dumped you after you got plastic surgery.
  562. How Damonkeyman889944 is the best TTCer, YouTuber, and Wikipediarer.
  563. The time Toontown gave you the blue screen of death for throwing a pie.
  564. How non-viral is.
  565. How delicious your girlfriend tastes underneath her underwear.
  566. The time you were raped.
  567. The time you raped someone.
  568. da tYm eoo pAhsed yeOur SpehLin TehSt.
  569. The time your doggy did a poo inside your mouth and how delicious it tastes.
  570. Classmates and schoolmates known as the DotA boys
  571. The time when your favorite DJ/Radio personality said asshole uncensored on-air
  572. Andi Manzano (does that even count?)
  573. How a gay DJ, whose radio name is similar to an evil monkey (see this list, is responsible for ratings death. (Clue: he plays Madonna songs)
  574. Her 36D Cup size
  575. Anything that involves for the love of money
  576. The contents of your Friendster, MySpace, or Facebook account.
  577. The time your freind tripped on their face down the stairs into the hoover
  578. The real meaning of 'maraccas'.
  579. Grapes
  580. Repeating normal phrases. Repeating normal phrases. Repeating normal phrases. Repeating normal phrases. Repeating normal phrases. Repeating normal phrases.
  581. How weird your sister smells with all that perfume.
  582. How the Dandy rocks more than the Beano.
  583. What cow piss tastes like.
  584. How I'm getting to 600.
  585. What a banana does before you peel it's skin.
  586. The number after this.
  587. The big birthday party you had after becoming 600 years old.
  588. One skin, two skin, three skin, four...
  589. Cake
  590. Pie
  591. The big blue screen with white writing that keeps coming up every time you use LimeWire.
  592. A cow goes moo.
  593. How you're the best for having 100 laff points on Toontown and having all noobs adoring you, making you a noob yourself.
  594. The difference between a noob and a nob.
  595. The time you went on Wikipedia and discovered the 'Edit' button. A fairy tale follows...
  596. Your favourite fairy tale.
  597. Your comfy bed.
  598. How brilliant it feels with another boy naked in your bed.
  599. Random gibberish jsdnsfjklajgkjaklgjkdltkriusifkea;ltklwjkfldmgklskgl!!.
  600. Why Dumbledore likes stripping.
  601. How funny Neil Cicierega's videos are.
  602. What your balls taste like.
  603. The time your account was terminated on Runescape for telling a mod to 'f' your twanger.
  604. Mickey Mouse.
  605. Have a break. Have a QuicKcrap.
  606. Your TV programme that you watch all the time when your sleeping, but not in the real world because it doesn't exist.
  607. Oink.
  608. Blobber pie.
  609. The time you decided to do a poo, but it missed the toilet, so you had to eat it to hide it.
  610. The time the Teletubbies thought the Noo Noo was a vaccum cleaner.
  611. Why Neville Longbottom is not a potato, even though he is a butternut squash.
  612. Cookie Monster
  613. The time you were on camp as a kid and you compared the size of your penis with everyone else's.
  614. Apple Pie
  615. The time the book you wrote was rejected after it's very original title and plot.
  616. Your delicious beard.
  617. What you have lost
  618. Your smelly but somehow delicious feet.
  619. Your tiny penis that won't grow
  620. Everything that qualifies WP:CSD
  621. How sunburns tell stories like, "Hey that guy likes V-necks..."
  622. A list of Email addresses that send you spam.
  623. Darth Vader's love life.
  624. That time you hacked the school computers at looked at pornography
  625. The time you met that hot celebrity who kissed you.
  626. Poo
  627. How Manallackt is so sexy
  628. How fat britney spears is
  629. How hot your teacher is.
  630. The reasons not to give Damonkeyman889944 all your Playstation 2s
  631. The first rule of wikipedia is... ACK! What do you mean that's already been said a looong time ago!?
  632. Fine. Never,ever,ever,well just look up.
  633. How you wish your mama was thinner.
  634. How you wish your mom's friends mom's cosin's stepbrother's Fat Great-grea-great-great-grea-great-grandmother that is soooooooooooooo old that she lives in your house, would just die...or at least lose a few hundred pounds...
  635. How you are so awsome.
  636. How Pie is awsome
  637. How your mom is awsome
  638. How your mom's Pie is awsome
  639. How your mom's Pie's mom should be outlawed.
  640. How you belive Hillery Clinton should die of uglyness (or cameras falling on her)
  641. How your life really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really,really, really, really sucks...
  642. How Suicide is a great alternitive energy source...
  643. How you belive in Blemoism...
  644. How you belive in moneyism...
  645. How you are a '@#!$^@!!!' Acorrding to your mom
  646. How that last 20 things written are insane and odd
  647. How retirement is retorical
  648. How the anwser to life is 47
  649. How God was made
  650. How Shiva destroyed the Nazis
  651. How Hitler was the most brillant Dictator...after Castro...who was the worst
  652. How life is unfair...
  653. How certain people in your life met terrible ends...
  654. How your consencience hates you
  655. How your brother met a woodchipper and disappered...
  656. How your mom went to jail...
  657. How your brother was found...and glued together with Super-glue
  658. How mass genocide is funny
  659. How your family belives that Massive Online Statigy Games are the way of the future...
  660. How So-and-so is extremly awsome
  661. The fact that we're heading for 1000 this fast and we need it to expand it all the way to 5,000 (10,000, if you have bigger ambitions)
  662. The great move of certain articles to "HΑGGĘR?" (Very moronic)
  663. Yourself (Ian Lopez isn't created yet)
  664. Your opinion about Crank That (Soulja Boy) (seriously, people should ignore what they hate and like the things that they really like)
  665. The fact that there are goodygoody twoshoed people trying to wreck Wikipedia due to its "pornographic" content (only in some articles)
  666. Lucifer
  667. About the time somebody asked you to buy a cheeseburger for them (BURGER! BURGER! BURGER! BURGER!)
  668. The time you played Real Muthaphuckkin G's out loud
  669. The time you shouted fuck the police when you had a traffic violation
  670. That song that's stuck in your head
  671. random numbers.
  672. crap and curses
  673. your/others genitals
  674. Anything on wheels.
  675. The International Society of Vandals that was founded by Bobby Boulders.
  676. A rare drawing of a man farting from the late 1800's (and the farter is smiling as he broke wind)
  677. Chuck Norris. For the love of God, Chuck Norris....
  678. Stargate SG-1. For the love of God, Stargate SG-1....
  679. How your Motorola KRZR won't work after the third f*cking time.
  680. About how your cat looks like a lolcat. THEY'RE ALL CATS, IDIOT!
  681. That awesome new book you're writing.
  682. Why the hell you've read this far.
  683. How huge your last fart was.
  684. That time you walked up to an employee at Wal-Mart and said, in an official voice, "Code 3." and watched what happened.
  685. About how you embarrassed yourself singing karaoke.
  686. About how you embarrassed everyone else singing karaoke.
  687. The time you sat on a whoppee cushion.
  688. The time he sat on a whoppee cushion *snicker*.
  689. How you didnt get into college.
  690. How you wern't potty trained,and frequently said bad words,so you didn't get to kindergarten.
  691. How on Earth you couldn't find your mansion. You were sure it had a diamond studded 8 on it.
  692. How much you hate Encyclopedia Dramatica and what they said about your stuff on DeviantArt.
  693. How John McCain will the election. He's not that far beheind, anyways...
  694. Why pie is much better than cake
  695. Why you can be bothered to type here. (Come to think of it... why am i typing?)
  696. how you at one time thout you laid the biggest crap,only to find,a guy laid one the size of a football.
  697. about how you read this entire article,and now your qualified to make one.
  698. about the gorillaz
  699. about the beatles
  700. Cartoon characters that could take over US presidency.
  701. Victims of crime (unless they give permission), as it may upset them.
  702. The epiphany you had one day upon reading that scene in Atlas Shrugged about the mysterious cigarettes, where in you realized that smoking is in fact a metaphor for the unquenchable fire of the individual human spirit and not, as the warning labels claim, simply a method of developing lung cancer that sometimes has a buzz associated with it.
  703. The perfect lives your electronic people in The Sims are having and how much you envy them.
  704. How you put a Twinkie in the microwave.
  705. Your pentup angst and how you cut yourself at night because the knife is your friend.
  706. How much you want to be on a game show (and all the trivia you know).
  707. Five dollar footlooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooongs..
  708. The kid at school who vandalized Peter Burnett's page. Check the history.
  709. Dinosaurs.
  710. 3.14159265358979323846...
  711. Pi.
  712. Why number 707 and 708 are the same link.
  713. Number 140
  714. Information that is FALSE!
  715. Your love for Ikea and your prayers to the Ikea gods.
  716. Aimee.C of the place called black rock, and why she isnt a reliable source
  717. Those DUMB IDIOTS that cut you off in traffic.
  718. How much you pwn at Guitar Hero.
  719. How much you pwn at Guitar Hero II.
  720. How much you pwn at Guitar Hero III.
  721. How much you pwn at Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80s.
  722. How much you WILL pwn at Guitar Hero IV when it comes out.
  723. How much you WILL pwn at Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.
  724. lolcats and der speeks.
  725. Britney Spears' derrierre.
  726. Peenus.
  727. Love songs
  728. The word fuck
  729. Antidisestablishmentarianism
  730. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  731. Lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrimhypotrimmatosilphioparaomelitokatakechymenokichlepikossyphophattoperisteralektryonoptekephalliokigklopeleiolagoiosiraiobaphetraganopterygon
  732. How youre from Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu, New Zealnd
  733. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
  734. Floccinaucinihilipilification
  735. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia
  736. chlorofluorocarbons
  737. Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism
  738. the
  739. a
  740. I
  741. Honorificabilitudinitatibus
  742. rubber bands
  743. GarageBand
  744. Chrononhotonthologos
  745. C132983H211861N36149O40883S693.
  746. How youve been to Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, Massachusetts
  747. How youre from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales
  748. How youre from Muckanaghederdauhaulia, Ireland.
  749. Newtownmountkennedy
  750. Donaudampfschiffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft
  751. Rinderkennzeichnungs- und Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz
  752. Ding Dong, Texas
  753. Bitchfield
  754. No Place
  755. Pity Me
  756. Brown Willy
  757. Blubberhouses
  759. The Great Cornholio
  760. What you found in the milkshake at McDonalds.
  761. Cake
  762. Pie
  763. Repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating.
  764. How you just found every episode of Star Trek imaginable on YouTube.
  765. What you dream about at night.
  766. The fact that you are 45 years old and still cry for your mommy, who lives upstairs, every night.
  767. Your receding hairline.
  768. How you killed off all your Sims when you told them to go make toaster pastries and now your life has no meaning.
  769. Your crazy-right-wing cult that worships the teachings of the Teletubbies.
  770. Hell.
  771. About how you "curled up and 'died'" in that shop over there. >.>
  772. Freaking lightsabers.
  773. About how you f*cking OWN at Call of Duty. All of them.
  774. About your level 3,000 Jedi Consular on KotOR.
  775. Your favorite Ctrl+Alt+Del comic.
  776. Your cracked phone.
  778. Rahoi, and how much you think he sucks because you have zero sense of humor. Idiot.
  779. Your yearbook.
  780. How much your yearbook sucks.
  781. How much your yearbook picture sucks.
  782. How much your best friends' yearbook picture sucks.
  783. How much you and your best friend bonded over your sucky yearbook pictures.
  784. How many yearbook signatures you collected.
  785. How you burned your yearbook in a fiery pit of death.
  786. How you drew over your ex-boy/girl friend's picture with Magic! Marker.
  787. Look, anything pertaining to your yearbook, okay?
  788. About how some people need to get over their yearbooks, m'kay?
  789. You
  790. And how much you suck.
  791. How you got your math license revoked.
  792. Why Bob Barr should be President.
  793. How or why anything "sucks."
  794. A list of numbers which are always odd.
  795. That Hillary Clinton will be the next President. It's over.
  796. Why you drink your urine.
  797. Annoying German flight attendants
  798. Why full grown PS3s are the size of an average hippo, while PS2s are the size of a small dog, yet both systems are almost exactly the same
  799. How Hillary Clinton will not be the next President, as she got owned in the primaries. It's over.
  800. Why you don't change the litter in your cat's litter box
  801. Why your house smells because you don't change the litter in your cat's litter box
  802. Why you don't invite your friends over to your house because your house smells because you don't change the litter in your cat's litter box
  803. Why your friends are upset because you don't invite your friends over to your house because your house smells because you don't change the litter in your cat's litter box
  804. Why you are upset because your friends are upset because you don't invite your friends over to your house because your house smells because you don't change the litter in your cat's litter box
  805. Why you called in sick to work because you are upset because your friends are upset because you don't invite your friends over to your house because your house smells because you don't change the litter in your cat's litter box
  806. Why your boss is upset because you called in sick to work because you are upset because your friends are upset because you don't invite your friends over to your house because your house smells because you don't change the litter in your cat's litter box
  807. Why you were fired because your boss is upset because you called in sick to work because you are upset because your friends are upset because you don't invite your friends over to your house because your house smells because you don't change the litter in your cat's litter box
  808. Why you finally changed the litter in your cat's litter box.
  809. Why that article you wrote that was deleted did not deserve to be deleted without so much as a goodbye.
  810. Stuff that sucks by general consensus
  811. Badgers. Nobody likes them. Especially when they are accompanied by mushrooms and a snake.
  812. Your pet hamster. Nobody wants to hear about it.
  813. Queen.
  814. Or Queen I.
  815. Or Queen II.
  816. Or the non-existant Queen III.
  817. Frying pans
  818. Knights who say Ni!
  819. The band you're in (unless you're pretty much famous, then I guess you could write about yourself, but it would be way more fun to have someone else write about you).
  820. Ginger Baker
  821. Speculation on why most trolls can't spell, punctuate, or capitalize.
  822. Ron Burgundy.
  823. The health benefits of using a complex set of mirrors to wipe your ass.
  824. The complex set of mirrors you use to wipe your ass.
  825. Your ass.
  826. What comes out of it.
  827. How it goes back in.
  828. Why it goes back in.
  829. When it goes back in.
  830. A list of a 1000 people who actually want to know.
  831. A demonstration of how you can recite pi to a thousand digits from memory.
  832. How much wood a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchucks could chuck wood.
  833. Why wood chucks actually can chuck wood.
  834. How much so-and-so really likes so-and-other-so, but is a chicken for not asking so-and-other-so out.
  835. Your definition of chicken.
  836. Why you decided to join Wikipedia.
  837. How you decided to join Wikipedia.
  838. How drunk you were when you decided to join Wikipedia.
  839. What Wikipedia is.
  840. What Wikipedia is not
  841. How many pints you had last night.
  842. Fachist beliefs.
  843. How you couldn't think of anything to add to the "1000 things not to write your article about" article
  844. Your favorite sex position
  845. How you got a boner reading the above
  846. How if pro is the opposite of con, then the opposite of progress must be...
  847. Britney Spears and her lack of panties
  848. Boobies.
  849. How much you like boobies.
  850. Anything pertaining to boobies and your fascination with them, m'kay?
  851. Why the Sluts of War refuse to go to your gig as you have no chooons
  852. Triplicating the flammability of alcohol
  853. Reversing the polarity of the neutron flow
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